Fred looks out over the Mere

Fred looks out over the Mere

There's a French market in Diss

Isobel queues up at the cheese stall

A nice old bus rounds the corner outside Browne's

The wedding-party bus heads down Market Place

The empty Albright of Diss, which has moved

Fred and Isobel in Amandines Café

Morac - Stripey Cat - jumps up on Wavy

Wavy gets shredded up by Morac

Fred and Martina

Isobel gets a go of Martina's new baby

Fred in his bike seat

The river at Oakley

Fred wanders on the bridge

Isobel looks at the river

A piece of old bridge remains

Isobel kisses Fred at the kissing gate

More bits of old bridge

Fred, Isobel, the bike and a field of sheep

Fred in Amandines

Fred peers over a table

Fred and Isobel in Amandines

Fred stuffs some food in

Isobel waves a sock puppet around

Fred pokes at a portable heater

Isobel and Fred on Pump Hill

The church at Framlingham

A view of Framlingham Castle

Isobel roams around

Nosher and The Boy

Framlingham Castle

Fred and Isobel in the long grass

Fred looks around

The Boy

Isobel pushes Fred around near the Mere

Fred's buggy near the pond

An old weathered fence

Framlingham, by the market square

There's a jumble and craft sale in the village hall

Baked goods for sale in Framlingham village hall