There's a sinister snowman in Haughley Green

There's a sinister snowman in Haughley Green

Shoes on a wire, in Diss

A load of bottles drying

The old bathroom is demolished

The sink has gone too

The forecourt of Mendlesham Group Fuels

unusued pumps at MGF

A pump sells nothing at 101p/litre

A café seems to have caught fire and been abandoned

Traffic streams by on the A140

More traffic passes through Brockford

Another view of the derelict cafe

Blacked-out windows and headlight streaks

A last look at the abandoned petrol pumps

At Taptu, Nick brings his dog in for the day

Nick's dog sits under his desk

Back home, Fred the Head tries on some 3D specs

Millie the Mooch inspects a box

Fred's got 'That's Not My Kitten'

Fred looks at Cat in a box