Evelyn pushes Fred around in Garvey's

Evelyn pushes Fred around in Garvey's

Evelyn, Fred and Isobel in 'Supa Valu' in Dingle

Brightly-painted buildings stand up to the ominous clouds

The view from our apartment

Fred and Isobel by the patio door

Fred the Head sits on a rug

Louise and Fred at the window

A view over the estuary

Fred on a rug, as Louise makes paper boats

Evelyn, Fred and Isobel at Ventry Strand

Evelyn takes The Boy out for a paddle

Fred models his oh-so-stripey hat

Fred laughs as he's flung in to the air

Stopping off for an ice cream

Fred eats ice cream

There are one or two urinal cakes in the nearby bogs

We bump in to James, Julie and Jimmy on the edge of Dingle

Louise and Fred outside the house

A collection of wedding chairs

We're in Ballintaggart House for a sneak preview

Outside the wedding venue

Fred looks at sheep

Nearby, a horse hangs around

Evelyn, Fred and Louise

We see Julie again whilst walking around Dingle

Outside 'Foxy John's' hardware shop

Noddy reads about the Dingle sign controversy

Some dude carries bags of fish round the back streets

Noddy at the bar

Nosher with a several-day stubble on

A Radio no Gaeltachta sign

Isobel and Noddy are both on the phone

Isobel roams around Dingle

Isobel in 'Out of the Blue' restaurant

Our food arrives

Restaurant life

Inside Out of the Blue

The restaurant sign

A large lump of paper and cardboard for recycling

Inside O'Flaherty's pub, as the trad music kicks off for the night

Trad music in O'Flaherty's

Interesting patterns on the ceiling

Philly (with a Celtic Knot-style sweater) waits at the bar

Isobel walks from the apartments

Kerry airport

The fields of Ireland

The fields of County Kerry, from the air

An airport somewhere

The Thames shines out and looks like the Soviet sickle

The Thames winds out from the Thames Barrier to the QE2 Bridge

A spot of green surrounded by gold

The fields of Essex are the gold of wheat and barley

The shadow of the plane

A 747 at Stansted

A Ruinair 737-800 at Stansted

The front of Stansted Airport