A Trip to Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland - 21st-25th July 2009

Nosher, Isobel and The Boy™ are over in County Kerry, in the west of Ireland, for a wedding. We're there for most of a week, in a spacious rented pad next door to Ballintaggart House, just outside Dingle. The first couple of days is spent mostly hanging out, but we get a few moments to wander around Dingle and even go out for a bit of food and a few pints of Guinness...

next album: Julie and Cameron's Wedding, Ballintaggart House, Dingle - 24th July 2009
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Evelyne, Fred and Isobel in Garvey's 'Supa Valu' in Dingle

Brightly-painted buildings stand up to the ominous clouds

Fred the Head sits on a rug

Louise and Fred at the window

Ev, Fred and Iz on the beach at Ventry Strand: an escaped football is spotted

Ev takes The Boy out for a paddle

Fred models his oh-so-stripey hat

Fred laughs as he's flung in to the air

Stopping off for an ice cream

Nosher spots that there are just one or two urinal cakes in the nearby bogs

We bump in to James, Julie and Jimmy on the edge of Dingle

Louise and Fred outside the house

We go over to Ballintaggart House for a sneak preview with Julie

Nearby, a horse hangs around

Julie and pals sneak over to steal our garden bench

Ev, Fred and Louise

We see Julie (right) again whilst walking around Dingle

Outside 'Foxy John's' hardware shop

Some dude carries bags of fish round the back streets

Noddy at the bar (it's not his drink though)

Isobel returns from dropping off The Boy to the care of Louise and Evelyn

Two pints of Guinness, and a Guinness moustach

Isobel and Noddy are both on the phone

Isobel in the excellent 'Out of the Blue' restaurant, near the quayside in Dingle

Restaurant life

A large lump of paper and cardboard for recycling

Inside O'Flaherty's pub, as the trad music kicks off for the night

Philly (with a Celtic Knot-style sweater) waits at the bar

A spot of Mandolin from the pub's owner

Near the house, some wag has painted 'NASA' on the side of an over-turned farm tank

The fields of County Kerry, from the air

As we fly over London, the Thames shines out and looks like the

A spot of green surrounded by gold

A small Essex town: all the people look like ants

The fields of Essex are the gold of wheat and barley

The shadow of the plane

Ruinair 737s on the ground at Stansted

A Ry-unfair 737-800 at Stansted

The front of Stansted Airport: oft favoured by any film or TV crew looking for an airport location

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Evelyne, Fred and Isobel in Garvey's 'Supa Valu' in Dingle