Isobel has a drink of water

Isobel has a drink of water

Fred on a blanket

First sight of the festival

Some information helpers

Fred looks freaked out

Blue light on stage

Keyboard action in a sea of yellow

Fred's belly

The main stage

Main stage action

Wings and a tutu

Another alternative faery cycles off

Flags in the children's area

Another act on stage

The Boy Phil eats pizza

Phil and Isobel

Smoke on stage

Lights and smoke

A floating stage on the lake

A view over the lake

Up in the woods

Isobel and The Boy Phil

The Latitude sign

The Pet Shop Boys

Back at the campsite

Fred and Phil mess about

A tent on a Land Rover

Tent city

The massed crowds

Regina Spektor on stage

The Blue Man group roam around

A random group of people

Another mystery act

The Boy Phil and Fred

Isobel plays with Fred

A balloon seller with a fag on

Fred reaches up for a balloon

A girl shimmies up a flag pole

Fred gets a drink

White Lies are on the main stage

White Lies on stage

Fred and Isobel

Crowds in the afternoon sun

A bloke in a donkey hat

Doves take to the main stage

More music in the Uncut Arena

Uncut Arena stage action

Grace Jones with a cone on her head

Grace Jones and lasers

The amazing Grace Jones on stage

Fred and Phil

Breakfast barbeque smoke is everywhere

The crowds head off to the arena

Fred gets a piggy back

Fred and Nosher

A collection of welly boots

Juggling balls

More fancy dress

Isobel and Fred

More circus skills

Somebody does the ribbon thing

Some more risqué fancy dress

It rains so everyone hides under a tree

Rain pours in through the marquee roof

It lashes it down outside

Red Light Company in the Uncut Arena

A lone tent in front of the main stage

Wild Beasts do their thing

Wild Beasts in action

The comedy tent is 18s only

The rain totally lashes down again

More tree huddling

Everyone crams into the nearest tent

A rainbow umbrella

The paths quickly turn into a muddy river

Girls apply flourescent paint

The painted sheep of Latitude roam around

Pink sheep

Party frock and a fag

Something raucus in the Uncut Arena

Fred ignores it all

Editors on the main stage

Some tool films the gig with a laptop

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds play the final set