A barbeque in Sue Prior's garden

A barbeque in Sue Prior's garden

There's a 'tallest flower' competition

John Lummis roams around

Comedy games: where did Daisy frop her pat?

A derelict tractor

Fred the Head meets Gov and Rachael

Isobel's friend is running 'Splat the Rat'

Fred tries to Splat the Rat

The Prior residence

Maurice Hammond does a fly-past in his newly-restored Mustang

Suey chats to Alfie Elliot

Suey does the horseshoe toss

Alfie comes over to have a go

Alfie throws some horseshoes

More horseshoe lobbing from Alfie

Fred has a sleep

Nosher and The Boy catch a few zeds

The crowd heads ocross the tennis court to watch the Tug o' War

A tug of war is prepared

Tug of War action

There's some intense effort occuring

Marc's near the back

Marc recovers

Sue Prior sits on a bench

Marc has a sleep

Splat the Rat continues

Fred's got a stick

Fred gives it a High Five

Maurice Hammond's Stearman bumbles over the house

Suey has a go of Fred

Fred and Suey

The ever-photogenic Alfie

Sue and Isobel prep the bikes

Cycling back through Brome Street

Fred in the back garden