The Brome Village Fête; Brome, Suffolk - 4th July 2009

Nosher had had a gig the night before, and so it was impractical to head down to the South Coast for Michelle off of Sean and Michelle's 40th birthday gig. And so there was a chance to wander over to the Brome village fête: Marc and Sue had dropped around too to see if we were up for it. So we all cycled over and had a poke around in the summer sun...

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People mill around at the fête

Comedy games: where did Daisy frop her pat?

A derelict tractor

Fred the Head meets Guv and Rachael

Isobel's friend is running the 'Splat the Rat' game, so we have a go

Maurice Hammond does a fly-past in his newly-restored Mustang

Suey chats to Alfie Elliot

Alfie throws some horseshoes

Nosher and The Boy catch a few zeds

The crowd heads ocross the tennis court to watch the Tug o' War

Tug of War action

Some of the crowd re-enact Sarah Connor's 'nuclear dream scene' from Terminator 2

Fred gives it a High Five

Sue has a go of The Boy

The ever-photogenic Alfie

Sue and Isobel prep the bikes

Cycling back through Brome Street

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People mill around at the fête