Fred's got his stripey hat on

Fred's got his stripey hat on

Colin looks over in the Delapole beer garden

Spammy looks back on her way to the bar

Spammy stops for a laff

There's a dog on a wall

The Cock Inn is a 'Freehorse'

Paul looks out over Fair Green

Apple and Pippa

Dougie looks over in The Swan

Mick the Brick ponders his beer

Paul and Pippa look at something

The BSCC in the Swan

Mick and Bernie

A graffiti'd container on the A14

The A14 at Milton is hosed again

Rob's on stage at New Buckenham

The view from behind Nosher's keyboards

Rob does a sound check for a support act

The support act strums a bit

Back stage at New Buckenham

Some stage scenery is lying around

A wide angle from behind the stage

The room is all laid out and ready

More keyboard views

We wander off into the village

Walking up to the green

Market Cross in New Buckenham

Jo counts out the band's earnings

Enter stage right

Henry puts his drum shoes on

Henry warms up

Jo does her lippy