Thrandeston Pig Roast, Bike Rides and The BBs, Suffolk - 29th June 2009

It's the annual Thrandeston Pig Roast, on Thrandeston's Great Green. This year is a bit of a scorcher, so Nosher and Isobel cycle over with The Boy to enjoy a spot of "pig in a bun". There's also a bit more bike riding as the Brome Swan Cycling Club head over to the Thelnetham White Horse, and follow up with a splinter-group trip to The Cock Inn on Fair Green in Diss. Finally, The BBs play New Buckenham village hall for the annual ball...

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Fred the Head hugs a sausage pillow

Fred in a stripey top

The Boy Phil, Isobel and Fred in the marquee at Thrandeston

Phil messes around with a doll version of that kid from The Exorcist

Bill sticks things in his teeth

A roasted piggy head

The tent

Peter A queues for some nosh

The Boy Phil tests out his new state-of-the-art camera

A freak occurance of quantum entanglement joins two beer cans together

The view from across the pond

The Boy and Isobel look on, from the cooling shelter of a tree

The Boy crashes out

After the gig, hangers-on (including Nosher) are pressed in to service to help clear up

The Boy wakes up

The 'lads' (including Hollywood actor Jon Voigt, right) come back from dropping off the chairs

Martina has a chuckle

Wavy has a freak-out

The Boy gets a stick

Nosher and Fred on the bike

At Thelnetham, the gang hang out

Spammy in full effect

A dog on a wall

At the Cock Inn on Fair Green, some wag has modified the sign to read 'Freehorse'

Paul looks away, wistfully

Apple and Pippa do a wistful look too

Paul and Pippa look at something in The Swan

Pub hanging out

Mick the Brick and Bernie the Bolt

Nosher is stuck in traffic on the A14, and spots a graffiti-covered container

Rob checks the mic at New Buckenham

Some dude (who's playing during the dinner) tunes up

The stage

Nosher's keyboards

New Buckenham village green

Jo does her thing, whilst Henry warms up with his sticks

On 'Big Park' in Diss, Isobel and Fred hang out

Fred on the floor at Amandines Café in Diss

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Fred the Head hugs a sausage pillow