An Easter Weekend in Chagford, Devon - 12th April 2009

Nosher, Isobel and Fred head down to see Sis and Matt in Chagford, Devon. Instead of the 6-hour flog down the motorway, fighting the bank-holiday traffic, we decide to fly from Norwich to Exeter and get a hire car for the final stretch: the plan totally rocks, with a much more relaxed door-to-door journey of around 3.5 hours (or about half the time). Once there, we visit the allotment to see what's going on, go out for dinner at The Globe in Chagford and drive over Dartmoor to visit Mother and Mike.

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Fred gets in to the travelling mood by camping in the suitcase

Isobel and Fred head on to the Flybe Dash-8 Q400 at Norwich

Fred bounces about on the plane

The plane's window is covered in crap, but it's still a nice view of Norwich Cathedral as we pass over the city

Up at the Allotment in Chagford, a view through an orange pane of greenhouse glass

A random shed made out of random stuff

Sis picks a spot of purple-sprouting broccoli, as Iz and The Boy look on

We stop off at the Chagford Spar for some emergency provisions

Isobel in the tea rooms

Fred is the centre of attention

Sis and The Boy

Hangin' out over a bridge

The empty Chagford swimming pool

Discarded signs

Matt gets down in the undergrowth

Pub lunch

Fred sits around

Over at Mother's house

Fred sits in the garden with Phil the Rabbit

Mike pours a glass of Vinho Verde

Isobel comes along with a tray

Garden lunch: even Dartmoor has nice weather


At the Garden House, Buckland Monachorum, a basket-maker weaves

Roaming through the bulb gardens

Nice flowers

Getting cake and tea

Isobel, Fred and Mother

Fred spends time with his grandmother

The gang

Fred and Grandma J

Grandma J gets a go of The Fredster

A bed-time story is read

At Exeter airport, our plane awaits

Not sure if it's a comfort that the fire tender is quite so close at hand...

Green fields from the air

The two Severn bridges

The undercarriage, milliseconds before it hits the deck

We're last off the plane at Norwich

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Fred gets in to the travelling mood by camping in the suitcase