The Old Chap Vists, and a Night at Amandines, Diss - 1st March 2009

Nosher's Old Chap - granddad to The Boy™ comes over to visit for the weekend. First, however, Nosher and Isobel are over in Linton for a bit of a curry-and-pancake fest. Then, the following Saturday after The Old Man has arrived, we all pile over to Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast, for a spot of Fish'n'Chips (and the de-rigeur spot of queueing that goes with it). The Aldeburgh lifeboat is coming in from excercises as we're walking around on the beach. On Saturday night, whilst the Old Chap watches telly or something, Nosher, Isobel and The Boy go out for the evening at Amandines - a groovy café in Diss - which is hosting one of its dinner and music nights, this time with Nosher's band-mates Rob and Jo (off of the legendary BB's).

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Janet reads a story to Fred

Pancakes are made (well, it is pancake day, after all)

Seagulls flock around, waiting for discarded chips

An abandoned boat on the beach

The old man mills around

Some dude guts fish

The Old Chap climbs some steps outside a fish stall

Derelict building (even Aldeburgh has them)

Amusing fish-related sign

Isobel and The Boy outside the Aldeburgh Moot Hall

Cute gnarled life belt: Amy-Jim II

Nosher's not sure if this installation passes the new 'Part P' leccy regs

Isobel grins up at Nosher, who's standing on a wall

The Aldeburgh lifeboat is hauled in over the shingly beach

Tractor and trailor

The RNLB 'Freddie Cooper'

Chap and Isobel hang around, waiting for Nosher

Discarded oyster shells and some old rope

Lobster pots ahoy

Isobel chats to a dog

Rob and Jo do their thing in the back room at Amandines


The café bar and an amusing sign: Drink Coffee - do stupid things faster with more energy

Rob and Jo

The Fred Head wakes up for a bit

Fred is introduced to the neighbouring table

Fred's a bit 'meh'

The blue lights of Norfolk Yard, Diss

Isobel push Fred up St. Nicholas Street

Grandad says goodbye to The Boy

Chap heads off back oop t' North

Fred Head and Isobel

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Janet reads a story to Fred