The Brome Swan Cycle Club Chrimbo Dinner, Suffolk - 6th December 2008

Once again it's time for the annual Brome Swan Cycling Club Christmas dinner, up at the pub. Nosher's let loose as Iz and The Boy are over in Dublin, and the old man - who's over helping with kitchen re-building - is having an early night.

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Colin waves his finger at DH

Jessica and Claire, with Bill in the background lobbing a paper aeroplane

Marc joins in the chuck-fest


Wavy sneaks a quick swig in

The Boy Phil constructs his flying device

Marc's 'Concorde Special'

Marc looks like an extra from a 1970s episode of Doctor Who

Bill gets in on the throwing action

Caught in mid air

Alan does a speech

Marc sets fire to a cracker toy

Phil and Marc melt their cracker toys and stretch melty plastic all over the place

A musical-glass moment

Apple with his hat on

Wavy chomps on a cigar

Jessica and Grandma Sylvie

Wavy and his new beard

Paulio props up the bar

Sue and DH try to remember how to do a tie up

Marc, DH and Sue do roll-ups. Sue's legendary 1-strand fag is on the left

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Colin waves his finger at DH