In the New Forest, at Setthorns

In the New Forest, at Setthorns

A horse and rider heads off onto a clearing

A nice carpet of brown leaves

Reflected trees look like bloodshot eyes

Golden beech leaves

Fred in the car

New Forest ponies

More ponies graze

Isobel tries some horse whispering

A shaggy foal stands around

Isobel in a fake-fur hood

More ponies

A dead fallen tree

Nosher with Fred in a Baby Björn

Isobel looks back

Isobel walks off into the woods

Isobel waits by a style

Fred gurgles and waves an arm

Grandmother and Fred exchange a look

Grandmother in her lounge

Grandmother, Fred and Isobel

Nosher's got Fred

Isobel helps out on tea duties

Grandmother potters around her kitchen

Fred's on the sofa

Over at Caroline's, Grandma J has a go of Fred

Mother and Isobel

Mike, Mother and Neil

Fred's all strapped in

Caroline plays the stick game

Isobel flakes out with Fred

Mother ponders her move

Grandma J gets another go

A family gathering

A stand of trees near Finningham

Lines of trees in the mist

The plantation and a muddy field