Isobel and Fred in the Kingston Arms

Isobel and Fred in the Kingston Arms

Isobel installs Fred into the car seat

Amandine's staff are amused by Maggie Simpson

After registration, we have lunch in La Margeurita

An old woman is mobbed by seagulls

Evelyn, with Fred in the Baby Björn, and Isobel

Evelyn takes some snaps of the Mere in Diss

Evelyn strides around, and checks her photos

The restaurant at the Hoxne Swan

Dinner in the Hoxne Swan

Evenly in the Hoxne Swan

Isobel nibbles on a hunk of bread

Fred sticks his arms in the air

Isobel gets a Sex and the City box set

Isobel opens more birthday presents

Fred comes over all ennui with the proceedings

Sleeping: the thing Fred does best

Uncle Philly has provided an amusing top