Isobel's Birthday and a Café Miscellany, Cambridge and Suffolk - 2nd November 2008

It's the weekend of Isobel's birthday. Iz's sister - Evelyn - is over to visit for the weekend, so we head in to Diss for the Saturday morning sausage (after Nosher has had to go and buy a new fridge after the old one blew up). Then, we go over to the Hoxne Swan for a spot of dinner, whilst Fred sits in the corner happily flailing away to himself. Then, on the Sunday, it's Isobel's actual birthday. The week-end before, Isobel's mother had been over to visit too - this kicks off the set with a run of photos in cafés and pubs: The Kingston Arms, Cambridge; Les Amandines, Diss and La Margeurita in Cambridge, just after Fred had been registered to become officially part of The Machine™.

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Ma D looks on as Isobel installs Fred into the car seat in the Kingston Arms

Fred models his Maggie Simpson-esque snow suit - flat out on the table in Les Amandines, Diss - to the amusement of café patrons and staff

After the registration, we have a spot of lunch in La Margeurita, Cambridge

An old woman is mobbed by seagulls as she tries to feed the ducks

Evelyn (with Fred in the Baby Björn) and Isobel

Ev takes some snaps of the Mere in Diss

Ev strides around, and inspects her photographic results

Dinner in the Hoxne Swan

Iz nibbles on a hunk of bread

Fred sticks his arms in the air

It's Isobel's birthday. Presents are opened...

Fred comes over all ennui with the proceedings

Sleeping: the thing Fred does best

Dozing away in Spammy's knitted blanket

Uncle Philly has provided an amusing top

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Ma D looks on as Isobel installs Fred into the car seat in the Kingston Arms