Crowds watch a lad haul in a large fish

Crowds watch a lad haul in a large fish

The fish is hauled in

The fish is netted

The fish gets a hug

Jules and Isobel do some decorating

Isobel hauls paint around

Isobel weilds a brush

Jules and Isobel pause to inspect the result

Isobel considers the new cot

Nosher at Taptu

Steve Ives prepares to unveil the cake

At Taptu, the cake is revealed

Steve says a few words

Stef starts off the cake cutting

Lindsey reveals some fizz

The assembled Taptu massive

Stef continues to slice the cake up

More cake cutting

The Taptu birthday party

One of the icing figures has met a sorry end

Back in Diss, the Mere looks nice and autumnal

Fred stares at stuff

Fred has another sleep

In the kitchen, Martina has a go of Fred

Martina and Wavy flick through some old photos

Isobel's on Facebook as Fred stares out of the window

Isobel Skypes back to Dublin

Wavy continues poking through old photos