After the service, Isobel and Fred mill about

After the service, Isobel and Fred mill about

Jean and Bernie come over to have a look

Jessica and Claire at the Font

Photos are taken

Jimmy and Mikey-P scope out Noshsprog

Claire and Jessica come over for a look-see

Apple and Pippa say hi

A sprog-fest at the church door

Contra jour: people mill around outside the church

At the church gate

Isobel, post bump

The Boy Phil in a suit

Bill props up the gate

Tyler nicks his dad's police hat and legs it

On the lane outside the church

Fred is loaded up into the buggy

We take Fred for his first walk

Isobel on Rectory Road

Isobel pushes the baby up The Cornwallis' drive

Sylvia meets Fred for the first time

Claire has a go

Jill gets a go, as Pippa runs away

Sue gets on well with Fred

Suey has a go

Jean and Bernie lean over for a closer look

In the Swan

Suffolk County Council gets 0/10 for spelling

A baby's-eye view of the journey home