Steve, Sam and Daisy's dad, at The Tree

Steve, Sam and Daisy's dad, at The Tree

Sam and Andy, the Cherry Tree landlord

Daisy sings

Bill, The Boy Phil, Carmen and Isobel

Carmen and Isobel

Sam and Daisy

The garden of the Cherry Tree

Daisy gives it some

Sam on guitar

The view from 'back stage'

Isobel gets out of the car

Isobel stands in a stubble field

On the edge of Redlingfield

We eat a random picnic on the boot of the car

Graffiti under the bridge on Coldham's Common

A train trundles over the bridge

A partial rainbow near Wetherden

A discarded garden chair litters a lay-by

The Finningham White Horse is covered up

Isobel inspects the tomato harvest

A tub full of bright red plum tomatoes

Pink clouds in the sunset

Matt, Sis and Isobel watch the ducks on the Mere

Isobel, Sis and Matt on a bench at the Mere

A duck with a dirty neck

Isobel, Sis and Matt wonder what to do next

Matt stands by the Mere

Isobel gets something from the market

Diss' Post Office in the market place

We trundle up St. Nicholas Street

Sis and Matt in Amandines

Milkshakes in Les Amandines Café

Brome church's round tower

A nice stained-glass window in Brome church

It's a nice window for a village church

The nave of Brome church

Close-up ironwork on the door to Brome church

A flint wall

Flint and mortar

A farm resevoir and reeds

A sign warning of impending cows

Isobel walks up Brome Street

Isobel and the bump: just about ready to pop

Isobel looks at the bump