August Miscellany: Folk Fests and Sunflowers, Cambs and Suffolk - August 2008

A round-up of random events: It's time for the Cambridge Folk Festival in the grounds of Cherry "Chintonites" Hinton Hall; a squirrel in the garden is mobbed by a, er, mob of magpies (who are trying to steal its nuts, so to speak); Isobel's sunflowers strive for the skies...

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In Pizza Express in Cambridge, we eat pizza at a goodbye dinner for Anne (and the delayed Hani)

Noddy and Isobel in the car park

Aussie band 'The Waifs' play at the Cambridge Folk Fest

A hippy hat (and shades)

Some dude improvises an umbrella out of a wheelie bin

Flags fly against stormy skies

Emma eats some festival food

A couple of lads do the spinner-on-string thing

This lad wouldn't look out of place in a 1940s photo (well, apart from the modern trainers)

An illuminated star

Billy Bragg

A squirrel chews away at some walnut leaves

A furry sausage of vengeance hurls itself at the marauding magpies

Lucy slurps on a bottle

Lucy drinks some more milk

Sam pours out some fizz

Isobel gets another practice go with a baby

Meanwhile, at a BBs gig in Upper Billingford, Rob compares shoe sizes

Rob gets a sit in an XK Jaguar

Cat, a.k.a. Sophie, leaves her skeleton elsewhere and disappears into the lawn

Back at the flat, Noddy has a go at making curtains on a 1930s Singer sewing machine

Black clouds over a stubble field

Golden stubble and dark clouds

A mouse's-eye view of the stubble

Isobel stands proudly by her giant sunflowers (the tallest of which is over 8 foot tall)

Big sunflower

Nosher gets a plasterer in to plaster up the 'sprog box' (or nursery)

At Hartismere sports hall, outside the girls' bogs, a mystery sign points the way up the corridor

Isobel shows off her bump

The bump

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In Pizza Express in Cambridge, we eat pizza at a goodbye dinner for Anne (and the delayed Hani)