Debach And the B-17 'Liberty Belle', Suffolk - 12th July 2008

Nosher is invited over to Debach Airfield to take photos of a secret flypast of the B-17 "Liberty Belle", plus the Grace Spitfire and Maurice Hammond's Mustang, Janie, who are all flying around East Anglia for (the B-17 at least) probably the last time ever. The photo op itself is a bit of a bust, as the three iconic aircraft fly over the control tower of Debach at around 1,000 feet - far too high to get any decent photos. However, it's still a nice morning out of the office (plus it's nice to be invited), and it's always cool to see and hear aircraft like these doing their thing. Meanwhile, however, David "DH" Hardaker is over at Bentwaters (where the B-17 is temporarily based) getting in some cool close-up photos of the planes on the ground. (these photos, 0001.jpg-0144.jpg, © D. Hardaker)

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The Grace Spitfire, with Mustang 'Janie' (both aircraft are loosely related by engine) in the background

Spitfire: possibly the most gorgeous plane ever built

The B-17 'Liberty Belle' taxis down the runway at Bentwaters

Liberty Belle with 4 Wright Cyclone engines idling

The nose-work of Liberty Belle

Crowds mill around the Liberty Belle B-17

Ready for another trip around the skies of Suffolk

Liberty Belle takes off from Bentwaters

Close-up of the nose-gunner's plexi-glass dome

The co-pilot's stick in the B-17's cockpit

B-17 controls

The waist-gunner's position

Meanwhile, back at Debach, the lads put out a station ident

'Station 152's' sign is laid out

Unlocking the control tower

Poking around in the control tower

A view over Debach airfield

In the museum, there's a nice model of a B-24 'Liberator' (which Nosher's grandfather used to fly out of Aylsham in Norfolk)

Collections of wartime stuff in the museum

Close-up of the B-24's nose art-work - it's called 'The Shack'

Evocative bullet-ridden glass from the back of a gunner's seat

The lads in the tea hut

Getting a brew on the go as we await the fly-past

A few military vehicles are scattered around the control tower

Nearby, an MTB boat lies around with some foliage growing up through it

The new museum building

Outside, a toilet is randomly lying around

A look-out on top of the tower scopes out for action

Just a little later than scheduled, the Grace Spitfire (left), B-17 'Liberty Belle' and the P-51 Mustang 'Janie' fly over the tower

Janie, Liberty Belle and Grace fly on back to Bentwaters

The lads look out for a possible return

Just in case...

Meanwhile, back in the tower, an operative waits for dispatches...

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The Grace Spitfire, with Mustang 'Janie' (both aircraft are loosely related by engine) in the background