Maurice's Boeing Stearman

Maurice's Boeing Stearman

DH inspects the Stearman in the morning

The Harvard is covered up

The Cessna in the hangar

The Auster

Janie the Mustang

An inconsiderate car, right on the runway

The Cessna is pushed out of the hangar

A miscreant 406 is hauled out of the way

The Harvard is fueled up

Maurice Hammond peers over the wing

Maurice fuels Janie up

It's DH's turn to peer over the wing

Maurice finishes up

Maurice puts the pump back

Janie's nose

Inside the cockpit

Visitors arrive at the hangar

A rear view of Janie - tail number 414419

Maurice gets a paying passenger in

Maurice looks up

The 9-cylinnder radial fires up on the Stearman

Maurice in Janie

The propwash and noise are incredible

The Harvard is ready and taxis around

The Harvard is in the air

Janie takes off, with a roar from the Merlin engine

The Stearman pilot gets a handshake

Splattered bugs are cleaned off the Stearman's propeller

A pile of oil drums

DH in the hangar kitchen

DH checks his picnic backpack out

One of the veterans returns for a visit

Janie returns after nearly three hours

414419 Janie lands

DH takes a touristy photo by the Mustang

The Harvard gets a windscreen clean

DH sneaks a few photos of the cockpit

The veteran describes flying the Mustang in the war

The Harvard takes off to do Thurston airshow

The Harvard is off

Janie's off again to do an airshow display