Dan fires off a water cannon

Dan fires off a water cannon

Isobel on a mock pirate ship

A pirate ship

Isobel dries off

The leafy gardens of Alton Towers

A lollipop lady reminds Isobel of her mother

Isobel in the cable car

The Conservatories

Inside the derelict conservatory

Roaming around near the conservatory

Summer planting

Guiliano, Peter and Dan plot their route

Dan, Cora and Ronan on the Rapids

On the rapids

Getting a bit soggy along the Rapids' course

Alton Towers' House: a study in dereliction

We bump into Christina and Liviu

More dereliction

In the grand hall, a flying baby

Isobel looks like a flourescent superhero

Stained glass in the great hall

An impressive ceiling

The view outside

A silhouette of Isobel in an empty room

Isobel by a fireplace

Another derelict room

A view from the roof

Up on the roof

Alton Towers grounds

Crennelated turrets

Odd relics litter some of the rooms

Isobel pauses on a bench

Redrum on a door

The ghost of Alton Towers walks around

A dark corridor

More moody lighting

Isobel strides around the Music Room

Some of the few windows which still have glass

Grand arches

Vivid moulds (or flaking paint) in the bakery

Alton Towers house

Oft-walked as a child: a path through the gardens

A purpley-blue flower

Pine trees

The Swiss Cottage

Back at the conservatory

The conservatory is sadly getting quite derelict

Ceiling panes are broken or missing

Sad and empty rooms

Cast-iron columns

The Alton Towers conservatory

An Inca statue

A statue looks sad too

Isobel has a 'power nap'

A cenotaph to Charles Talbot

The top of the cenotaph