Nosher Drives a Racing Car, Lancashire - 24th June 2008

For the previous Christmas (and including last year's 40th birthday), Nosher's Sis and brother-in-law get a voucher for one of those "Experience" dealies - this one for the chance to drive a Formula Ford racing car. Despite the voucher having technically expired, Nosher finally arranges it to take place at Three Sisters near Manchester, and so Nosher and Isobel trundle over for a go. It's good fun too - the cars, although rev-limited, can still get up to 130mph, which is pretty quick when you're only a couple of centimeters from the ground. They also reach 60 in around 4.7 seconds. Neat. Whilst Nosher is being shown the course whilst driving a Mini Cooper S, Isobel takes hold of the camera and gets some groovy action shots. On the way back, we take the scenic route from Macclesfield over the Pennines and stop off at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire - a place visited ofetn in childhood - for a very quick look around.

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Completely random: Nosher and Rob drag an old chaise longue onto the stage (for a laff) at a gig in New Buckenham

A sagging old bench, New Buckenham

Nosher in overalls at the Three Sisters Racetrack

A Ferrari 350 cruises around

Nosher and his co-experiencers mill around the cars

Action view of another Ferrari 350 on its way around

Nosher peers out from his helmet

Nosher gets out of the Cooper S after the track recce

It's thumbs up for launch

A tip o' the visor

Nosher in action

Nosher speeds past the pits

A blur of action

After several laps, Nosher gets out of the car

In the Cat-and-Fiddle, on the top of the Pennines - Iz scopes out the menu

The famous Cat and Fiddle on the Cat and Fiddle Pass

It's not the sea in the background, but the Cheshire Plain

The stables of Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House in all its Palladian glory

Many a window to clean

A sheep

Golden gates (and check out the patterns in the stone columns)

The stables' gate house

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Completely random: Nosher and Rob drag an old chaise longue onto the stage (for a laff) at a gig in New Buckenham