The instructor takes us to our plane, G-HERC

The instructor takes us to our plane, G-HERC

Isobel carries the headset bag to the waiting plane

The instructor checks the fuel levels

Nosher by the Cessna

Nosher in the hot seat

A passenger's view

The cockpit of the Cessna

Nosher goes through the pre-flight checklist

The Cessna rolls up Cambridge Airport's runway

Cambridge from the air

Cambridge suburbs, with the railway station to the right

King's Chapel is just at the bottom left

Nosher at the helm

Some flooded fields

Some sort of quarry

Sediment flow in Graffham Water

Sediment eddies around the shore

The flatlands of Cambridgeshire

Huntingdon Industrial estates

This might be St. Ives

More floods

A river runs through it

The Green Dragon bridge and the River Cam

The roundabout on Perne Road

We cross over Cambridge Airport before our final approach

The instructor checks around

Final approach as we cross the A14

Our Cessna - G-HERC - on the ground

Isobel and Nosher