Nosher Goes Flying - 28th May 2008

It's just over one year to the day that Isobel got Nosher a voucher (for the 40th birthday) for an hour's trial flying lesson at Cambridge Airport, before we finally get together the oppositely-conspiring forces of time and weather and manage to pin down a day. The day itself turns out to be not the classic "blue sky" one would expect, but has low cloud at 1500 feet and swirly cross-winds at around 16 knots, and so it seems for a while that the weather might frustrate again. But no - we take off in the Cessna 172 and Nosher is given control at about 1200 feet, for an hour's flight over the fens to Huntingdon, a spin around Graffham Water, a few manoeuvers and back to base, all the while flying through some bumpy air and even some clouds (technically flying IFR for a few moments). It's been on the list forever, so it was totally excellent to finally get round to actually flying a plane...

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Isobel carries the headset bag to the waiting plane

The instructor checks the fuel levels

The cockpit of the Cessna

Nosher, with a pair of cans installed on the head, goes throught the pre-flight checklist

The Cessna rolls up Cambridge Airport's runway

Cambridge suburbs

Nosher at the helm

Graffham Water

Huntingdon Industrial estates

This might be St. Ives

We cross over Cambridge Airport before our final approach

The instructor checks around

Final approach as we cross the A14

Our Cessna - G-HERC - on the ground

Isobel and Nosher

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Isobel carries the headset bag to the waiting plane