Nosher's on photo duty

Nosher's on photo duty

Hanging around outside the Register Office

Isobel and Anne

Isobel chats to Anne and Hani

Isobel chats to Anne's sister

Hani's family group

Hani gets a hug from sis

Anne looks over

The Registrar gets ready

Hani and Anne enter the room

Hani and Anne

The ring thing is done

Signing the register

Hani sneaks in a kiss

Hani's sister comes over

The married couple leave the room

Confetti is thrown around

More confetti

The remains of the confetti is tipped on Hani

Nosher's old car has 'just married' on it

A 'just married' sheet

Anne and Hani cut the heart shape out

Anne and Hani step through a heart-shaped hole

A view through the hole

Nosher's old car is all canned up

Roaming around in front of County Hall

A photo under a tree

Family snapshot

Another wedding photo

Hani and Anne on the lawn

Anne and Hani inspect the cans

The couple are waved off

The car has flowers stuck to it

The cans are dragged off up the road

The mothers chat in the flat

Louise takes a photo

Ben and the Qualcomm massive talk about stuff

More champagne is passed around

In the kitchen

Music is queued up on Windows Media Centre

A selection of cakes

Anne and her mother sort out some baklava

Hani does his trademark pose

The bridge over the Cam outside the flat

Presents are opened

Guests in the flat

Hani and Anne play 'Who really does what?'

Anne does her trademark 'Timotei' hair thing

A wedding book is signed

The cutting of the cake

Cake is dished up

Hani's dad gets some cake

Anne and Hani share a bite of cake

The new 'Sponsored by Tesco' cycle bridge

Sparklers on the street

Sparklers are waved about

A candle is lit with a sparkler

Sparklers and candles in the night

Hani's dad watches the balloon disappear

Back into the flat

Hani legs it up the stairs to his flat