The almost-empty Thorndon church

The almost-empty Thorndon church

Lighting candles in the church

The two [Shaun/Sean]s

Outside the church

Rachel, Gov and a tiny bridesmaid

Classic wedding group

Carmen, Martina and Wavy

Bill, Carmen, Martina and Wavy

Another family group

Carmen and Bill

The wedding photographer is in action

Steve and other guests

Gov and Rachel head out of the church

Confetti is thrown about in the winter wind

Rachel and Gov get a snog

Rachel and Gov and a shower of confetti

Gov and Rachel on the trailer

Mikey P attends to the much-needed travel blanket

The TE120 is ready to go

The little grey tractor

The tractor pulls out onto the street

Travelling in style, towards Hestley

The sign says it all

The remaining wedding guests mill around outside the church

Bill, Wavy, Martina and Carmen

The vicar has amusingly altered the security notice

Gov and Rachel get in an early dance

Rachel and her diminutive dance partner

Clare, Carmen and Isobel show some moves

Hands in the air

Martina and Isobel clink glasses

A group of linked arms

Wedding reception guests

Dave Lock throws some really funky shapes

Ian 'The Harvs' Harvey tunes up

Liam gets ready for the second set up on the balcony

Marc takes a photo

Nosher does the trademark 'stupid face'

Bill is caught unawares

Marc steams in with some dance moves

Wavy has a go of the veil

Rachel shows a bit of leg

A comedic expression from Gov

Rachel whirls around with DH in tow

Suey and Carmen

Gov flips out

Mikey P takes Marc from behind, much to his surprise

The crowd wait for the off

The car drives off