The Wedding, Thorndon, Suffolk - 2nd February 2008

Gov and Rachel do the marriage thing in Thorndon. Nosher is playing the church organ for the service, and so arranges to visit the venue a week before, to get a bit of practice in. It turns out to be quite a cute two-manual instrument with pedals - something Nosher hasn't played for many a year. The day before, The Mikey P Massive arranges a session down the Diss Tandoori for a bit of a feed. The day itself is bright and cold, and after the service, the couple are taken away on a trailer towed by a "little grey tractor" Ferguson TE-120.

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Iz looks upwards as we sit outside a smoothie bar on Lower Goat Lane in Norwich

Nosher gets the feel of the Thorndon church organ

Thorndon Church, and Nosher at the organ

Playing the organ

All Saints' Church, Thorndon

Sunset clouds and the contrail of a jet, Suffolk

Deep orange clouds over one of Nosher's trees

A colourful Suffolk sky

Nosher's walnut tree is back-lit by purple cloud

Wavy grabs a kiss from Martina as Clare looks on

Mikey P and Clare look at digicam photos

Wavy and Martina

Mikey 'Tart for the camera' P, Big Sean and Gov

Gov and Mikey P

A long taper is carried around to light candles

Lighting candles in the church

The two [Shaun/Sean]s

Outside the church

Rachel, Gov and a tiny bridesmaid

Classic wedding group

Wavy looks a little chilly

Bill, Carmen and Martina (waving) and Wavy (not waving)

A laughter moment

Another family group

Gov and Rachel head out to their waiting tractor

Confetti is thrown about in the winter wind

Rachel and Gov get a snog

Rachel and Gov and a shower of confetti

Mikey P attends to the much-needed travel blanket

Ready for the off

The little grey tractor

Travelling in style, towards Hestley

The sign says it all

The remaining wedding guests mill around outside the church

Bill, Wavy, Martina and Carmen

Back at the church, the vicar has amusingly altered the security notice

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Iz looks upwards as we sit outside a smoothie bar on Lower Goat Lane in Norwich