Steve Ives' 50th Birthday, Cambridgeshire - 19th January 2008-->

Steve Ives - CEO of Taptu (and of Trigenix and 3G Lab before that) celebrates his 50th birthday with a party at his pad. Several Trigenix alumni make an appearance, as well as a good representation of current Taptuers. There's a load of top canapes served courtesy of "bunny girls", copious quantities of champagne seemingly on-tap and a couple of piano sessions courtesy of Nosher and Al.

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Earlier in the day, in Taptu's offices, Steve inspects the Fitzbillie's cake

Steve cuts his birthday cake

Lynsey and Stef dish out cake

Staff mingle and wait for cake

At the party, sushi is passed around

Katrina, Laura, Marc and Michelle

Marc and Mishy on Champagne

There's a whole load a' pointing going on

Michelle and Celia

Bill M and Pete Knowles

Francis and Marc

Iz, Anne (with eyes closed) and Hani

Pete gurns and makes Mindy laugh

Katrina passes around more nibbles

Nick sticks his tongue out

It's time for cake

Tiina brings in another birthday cake for Steve

Steve blows his candles out

Steve and Tiina get a snog

Presents are given

Steve gets a gift of 'tired skin rejuvenating masque'

More skin-preserving gifts are given

Funky dancing

Vero and Isobel watch as Al plays a spot of piano

Nosher and Al play a bit of duet

Al pulls a strange face

Daniel plays some tunes

Di and Isobel

Bunny tails are waggled about

More dancing

Isobel gets her coat

We say goodbye to Tiina

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Earlier in the day, in Taptu's offices, Steve inspects the Fitzbillie's cake