Skansen Stockholm, Sweden - 17th December 2007

On our last full day in Sweden, we wander over to Skansen on the outskirts of Stockholm (it's apparently the oldest open-air museum in the world). When we get there, we discover that there's a large outdoor Christmas market occuring, full of curio stalls and smoking fires cooking herrings and pancakes. Afterwards, we wander around some of the exhibits: candle-lit buildings with tin working, printing and apothecaries. Following an evening out in Gamla Stan, and a return to the Victory Hotel, we head out the next morning back to the airport at Västerås, where we find the temperature to be -9°C.

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Nosher helps get a car out from a wheel-shaped ice trap in Stockholm

Brightly decorated post boxes

A building in Stockholm is being demolished, but it looks more like a bomb has gone off

A wheelie trolley is pulled through a steel tunnel

A discarded newspaper and coffee. The latter is frozen solid

A somewhat random sighting of a horse waiting to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing

Boats on the quayside

At the entrance to Skansen, we warm up for a bit

Traditional Christmas food is cooked in a huge smoking pan

A straw reindeer

Herrings are readied for cooking on an open fire

Flamed herrings

Elsewhere, thick pancakes are fried in a deep layer of fat

We stop off to warm up with a spot of Glögg

An old dude tries to make a phone call from one of the exhibits: an old Swedish telephone kiosk

Isobel gets friendly with a pony

We listen to some festive singing in a lovely, candle-lit, 18th Century church

A Skansen apothecary shop

A metalworker's bench

A craftsman works away at some tin

In a printer's workshop

A woman hand-paints some printed illustrations

A couple of dudes demonstrate the art of glassmaking

Flaming away at a bit of glass

From the hill at Skansen, the night-time view over Stockholm

A tram waits outside the Natural History museum

We once more wander around the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan

In our hotel room: a cool old model of a ship

Our early-morning drive on the E18 to Västerås

The frosty Swedish countryside blurs past through the car's windows

Huts in the icy wilderness

This sign has always amused Nosher: before leaving the aircraft, check for smoke and giant brains

Passengers disembark the Ryanair flight at Stansted

A Stansted baggage claim: people wait as a lonely bag goes around and around

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Nosher helps get a car out from a wheel-shaped ice trap in Stockholm