Jen's Party and The Swan's 24th, Diss - 10th November 2007

Firstly, there's a spot of dinner around Caroline and John's in Cambridge (as it's nearly Caroline's birthday). Then, on Saturday, it's off to Jen and Simon's in Diss for a party followed by a stop-off at The Brome Swan to celebrate the 24th year of occupancy and ownership by landlords Alan and Sylvia (it has been Nosher's boozer for 18 of those years too).

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Caroline boils up some rice

John washes the rice with boiling water

Caroline's cake, as made by Isobel

Iz and Caroline blow out the candles

Isobel cuts the cake she made

Charley the cat

Emma and Caroline

The birthday candles

The gang around Jen and Simon's

Andy passes the baby back

Nibbles all round

Marc lunges for the twiglets

Bill makes rabbit teeth out of something

Wavy, Martina and Marc

Apple at the bar

Sylvie and Alan behind their bar

Alan pops down to the cellar

Sylvie pulls a pint

Wavy sticks his tongue out

Marc does a spot of serving

Bill grabs at a bottle

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Caroline boils up some rice