Phil Leaves On A World Trip, and Cambridge Fireworks - 5th November 2007

The Boy Phil has a few leaving drinks in The Swan prior to leaving on a world trip (first stop: New York). Then, on Monday, there's a free firework display on Midsummer Common in Cambridge. Seemingly the entire town is packed on to the Citi 2 bus from Isobel's into town, and those that aren't on the bus join up on the common. 15 minutes later, about 10,000 people disperse again into the night.

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DH, Paul and the Mikey P Massive in the Swan

Bernie leaves. Guv guffs and stinks himself out

Sylvia looks at a novelty child's camera on the bar

Nosher is spotted with an alternative camera

The Boy Phil and Wavy

DH looks on as 'Ninja' M does some fist moves

Two photos of The Boy Phil (spot the photo-in-a-photo)

An exploding chrysanthemum of a firework

A mixture of firework types

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DH, Paul and the Mikey P Massive in the Swan