Isobel watches Trevor haul crates about

Isobel watches Trevor haul crates about

Trevor's pressing room

Trevor does something with a cheese

Roaming around the apples and boxes

Trevor tips crushed apple into a cheese

An airlock bubbles away

Experimental red wine from the garden

A bowl of walnuts

Nosher's Dash 8/Q400 waits on the tarmac at Norwich

The dude reels back the anti-passenger rope

A stray lifeguard tower has been left by the runway

Norwich's Runway 27

High clouds drift past like alien UFOs

A high-altitude Sun Dog

The Sun Dog over the UK

Clouds stop abruptly on a front

A cool triple mini rainbow follows the plane

Dublin bay, as the plane comes in to land

A Ruinair 737 at Dublin Airport

Isobel and Evelyn in Tonic

Evelyn and Louise

Nosher and Isobel

A green Mojito

Louise and Evelyn

Isobel and Nosher with Mojitos

Louise looks a bit bored

Hanging around outside the take-away

The take-away is open

Louise again

A French-style chemist sign glows in the dark

Caution: children playing in a heap of rubbish sacks

There's a mangy fox in Evelyn and Louise's garden

The fox does a shake

Autumn woods near Killiney Point, Co. Dublin

The view from Killiney Point

A view over the town

A derelict watch tower

Bricked-up window

The derelict watch tower

Isobel walks around

Ad-hoc tables of vegetables in Dalkey

Dalkey town centre

A British post box painted green for independence

A roadworks sign in the middle of the road

Crenelated building in Dalkey

A cat on a wall

Boats on the slip at Coliemore Harbour

Lads at Coliemore Harbour do a spot of fishing

Coliemore Harbour

Isobel watches the fishing for a bit

The boys carry on fishing

A rusty iron ladder, Coliemore Harbour

One of many amusingly-altered signs

A rusty door

A wrecked window

An ill-fitting door in front of an arch

Isobel and The rib-cage of a decaying boat

More bubbling rust on an iron door

Winching machinery

Isobel reads a sign

Dalkey castle keep

Hedwig and Noddy look at photos in The Purty Kitchen

Dinner in the Purty Kitchen

Gillian brings over some food

The Purty Kitchen in Dun Laoghaire

Philly, Noddy and Louise

Betty and Rena

Betty gets animated

Hedwig shows off some photos

Mrs. D with Evelyn

The clan assembles in The Purty Kitchen

Evelyn chats to Hedwig

Noddy, Louise and Isobel in a Dun Laoghaire pub

'Chas and Dave' play stuff in the outside shed

Isobel leaves Nosher a message in confectionery