Reflections: A Day at Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland - 3rd November 2007

The day after Iz's birthday, Nosher, Iz and Noddy head over in the hire car to Glendalough - about 45 minutes away in County Wicklow, south of Dublin. Apart from the hordes of tourists, it's a peaceful spot, featuring monastic ruins and a couple of placid lakes. The colours are excellent, thanks to the autumnal trees covering the surrounding hills.

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Monastic ruins at Glendalough

Autumn trees and a monks' tower

Someone has left a sprig of holly in the ruins of a priest's house

A carpet of fallen leaves provides vivid autumn colours

Iz strides about like a proper hiker and everything

Mushrooms in the undergrowth

A thicket of stripling trees


Gorgeous autumn reflections in the waters of Glendalough

Isobel waits for a sausage-in-a-roll

A curiously-specific fine

In Dublin Bay, Blackrock, walkers cross the muds

Noddy, Oscar and Isobel on the seafront at Blackrock

Horses wait for a gallop on the mudflats of Dublin Bay

Trotting across the sands

Oscar watches the sea

Horses on The muds of Dublin Bay

A pleasant sunset view out of the aeroplane window

High clouds backlit by the setting sun

The plane's propellor in the sunset

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Monastic ruins at Glendalough