Isobel's 30th, Blackrock, Dublin - 2nd November 2007

It's Isobel's birthday. The big thrash was back in August at Bromestock 3, but this is a chance to head back to Blackrock to have a bit of a do with family and friends at Tonic, first for some food, and second for some Guinness and Mojitos. The day after, we head over to Killiney for a bit of a wander, and to see one of the locations of the film "Once".

next album: Reflections: A Day at Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland - 3rd November 2007
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Nosher's Dash 8/Q400 waits on the tarmac at Norwich 'Inernational' Airport

The dude reels back the rope which keeps hapless passengers away from the propellors

A stray lifeguard watch-tower has been left by the runway

Norwich's Runway 27 (270°, facing west)

High clouds drift past like alien UFOs

Up high, a sun dog (and part of an annular rainbow)

A rather cool triple whole rainbow (like an RAF roundel) follows the plane for a while

In Tonic, Blackrock. Isobel blows out a candle

Nosher and Iz

Louise and Evelyn watch as Iz sets fire to her sambuca

Louise and a Mojito

Another of Iz and Nosher, with Mojitos

Iz's friend Abby

Louise D

The gardai hang around Blackrock

The take-away is open

A chemist sign, like those in France, glows green in the dark

Caution: children playing in a heap of rubbish sacks

In Louise and Ev's garaden, a mangy fox nibbles at one of a million fleas

The mangy fox has a good ol' scratch

Autumn woods near Killiney Point, Co. Dublin

Is sticks her head back and breaths in the air

Barrow of vegetables in Dalkey

Dalkey town centre

One of the many British post boxes (this one is Victorian) painted green to assert their independence

A cat on a wall

Lads at Coliemore Harbour, Dalkey, do a spot of fishing

Coliemore Harbour

A rusty iron ladder, Coliemore Harbour

Chunky iron chain links

One of many amusingly-altered signs. This one plays on a word popular among radical feminists off of the 80s

Rusty door

The rib-cage of a decaying boat

More bubbling rust on an iron door

Another boat carcass

Philly looks at photos on his camera in The Purty Kitchen

Gillian brings over some food

Betty and Mrs D

The De Mangeat clan assemble in The Purty Kitchen

Later, a pair dubbed 'Chas and Dave' play random stuff in the outside shed of a Dun Laoghaire pub

Iz leaves Nosher a message in confectionery

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Nosher's Dash 8/Q400 waits on the tarmac at Norwich 'Inernational' Airport