The 30th Norwich Beer Festival, Norfolk - 24th October 2007

The gang from the pub head off once more to the Norwich Beer Fesstival, held since 1977 at St. Andrew's Hall. Big Al does his thing once again and arranges the coach to take us there, and the tickets to get us in past all the queues.

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Wavy and Martina

Isobel looks up

The barrels on stillage

Colin, Paul and the gang mingle around, drinking ales

Wavy and Isobel

A beer-meister watches his charges

A piper joins the Cawston Silver Band on stage

Benny, Gloria, Al, Benny's look-alike-brother and Carol

Up in the eaves of Blackfriar's Hall, a sparrowhawk has taken residence

Isobel and Guv have a small snack-ette

Is and Guv look up to watch the sparrowhawk doing not-much for a while

The balloon-dude entertains

Balloon hats

A euphonium player gets ready

Rachel has her glass pimped out with balloons

Jon 'Ninja' M reads the beer list

Extravagent head-gear

The post-horn gallop

An unusual instrumental addition to the band: The crapper-phonium Mk 1

Suey, Paulio, Ninja M and Colin sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody

Some random dudes in the crowd

Crowd scenes

We pile out back to the bus

St. Andrew's Hall, as the happy crowds drift out

On the bus: Rachel, Guv and 'Ping-pong' Peter

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Wavy and Martina