Matt and Nikki's Wedding Reception, Solihull - 6th October 2007

Matt and Nikki got married in Firenze a few weeks before, but for those not involved in the "Italian Job" (as well, of course, for those who were), there's a follow-up reception when they return, held at the Marriott Renaissance hotel in Matt's home-town of Solihull (it's bostin'!). The evening's festivities are added to by the occasional visits of 70's-themed gatecrashers from the corporate do that's going on in the next-door ballroom.

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Matt, with his mum and gran

Fizz is passed out for the toast

Matt does a bit of a speech

Matt's mum gets some flowers

The bridesmaids get pressies

A best-man's speech

The room

Matt and Nikki cut the cake

The first dance

The 70s gatecrashers make their first visit, and pass their wigs around

A toga-wearer bursts in

Nikki gets ready to stick a wig on

Wigs and funky shades

Isobel and Nosher

Isobel with a wig

Matt plays air-guitar to Guns'n'Roses

Matt wigs out

There's more aig-guitar going off around the room

A long exposure with flash gives some cool results: spot the 'head in the hair'

An infinite line of Isobels in the lift

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Matt, with his mum and gran