A team of paddlers goes past

A team of paddlers goes past

Paddling to the beat of a drum

There's a good turnout for the races

Boat number 3 drifts past

St. George pops back from the Lebanon to take part

Isobel slurps an ice-cream

A tream paddles furiously

Nun on the run

A bucolic scene after the finish line

Another boat heads up to the starting line

Rowing with hats can't be easy

Qualcomm cares

Evelyn and Mrs D

The Blackrock massive

More crowds

The 'Deluxe Devils' team

A mass of paddling and spray

Two dragons, neck-and-neck

Team Qualcomm heads up to the start

John, Francis and Steve look over

The Qualcomm boat disappears up river

On the opposite side of the river, a dude cycles along the path

Qualcomm's boat turns around for the start

The crowds wait for the next race

The race is on

Qualcomm paddles frantically

Liviu gets his stroke in

Gordon (on drums) gets stuck in

Qualcomm cross the line, in pole position

Cheerleaders with pom-poms

Meanwhile, chanting monks walk down to join their boat

Isobel chats to her mother

A couple of the Qualcomm crew come back

The guys get back to the marquee

Liviu gets back

Leon's got a baby stuck to him

Elsewhere, a Karate demonstration is taking place

Gordon and Pietro

Gordon looks over

Christina and Liviu

Another dragon boat goes by

A bridge with defeated college names graffiti'd on it

The Qualcomm gazebo

Francis takes a photo of Nosher taking a photo of Francis

Someone's got a barbeque going

Rob makes a toast

Isobel borrows a baby for a bit

Some more devils

Some bloke reads whilst seated on a fold-away chair

Liviu, Pietro and John check their schedule

John Scott looks about

Francis checks his phone

There are plenty of people around for the racing

Smoke on the water

Mrs D and Isobel