Isobel sets up the picnic on Wortham Ling

Isobel sets up the picnic on Wortham Ling

Picnic blankets and bikes

Isobel's bike

Isobel does a stretch

Roaming around in the woods

The woods of Wortham Ling

Isobel and her bike

Over the border into Norfolk

We wander a bit further, and park the bikes by the heather

Purple heather on the Ling

More purple heather

Isobel stands around

Another view of the heathery Ling

We find a nice clearing in the Oak trees

Isobel climbs a tree

A funky mushroom

An interesting fungus

A spreading oak tree

Oak leaves

Isobel zeds out on the picnic blanket

A cluster of pink flowers

A bee stops for a rest on the picnic basket

Nosher's Cambridge bike

Replacement power poles in Thrandeston

Replacement power pole

Some cows look over