The Shivers Live at the Portland Arms - 24th August 2007

The Shivers - mates of Isobel, and a band that Nosher is getting to know - are playing at the Portland Arms, a pub on Major's Corner in Cambridge, and which on the outside looks a little like one of those traditional redbrick town pubs that you might not ordinarily want to go in to without back-up. But far from it, as it turns out to be a rather decent establishment, with a cool beer-garden and a dedicated "music room" with a great atmosphere. The crowd are up for it, and get well in to a spot of Tom Colbourn (and his blues/bluegrass guitar), Emily Barker and her violin, cello and accordion accompaniment, and the headliners "The Shivers".

next album: A Picnic on Wortham Ling, Suffolk - 26th August 2007
previous album: Bromestock 3, Suffolk - 18th August 2007

Emily Barker with her strings backing

Looking down the end of a flute

Cello action

Gaz off of The Shivers bangs out a bit of ukelele

Rich does his best Jonny Rotten impersonation

Crowd adoration

The band have their very-own 'Bez', who randomly takes to the stage and dances like it's the 90s (but it's great to see)

A couple of girls in the audience get emotional with lighters

The drummer takes a stand

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Emily Barker with her strings backing