A field of wheat

A field of wheat

Dark skies over the side field

Jo has a sniff of Sweet Peas at a gig somewhere

Max has a sniff of the flowers too

Max and Jo stride around the garden

The band talks about stuff

Max helps to open a jar of pickled onions

A White Rhino

A pair of grazing white rhino

An Eland - the largest antelope there is

A pair of zebra

It's just like the Serengeti

Some slightly browner zebra

Big-horned cows, as farmed by the Maasai

A curious giraffe

A baby giraffe

The Qualcomm gang on the bus

A trip on the open-top bus

A herd of giraffe watch the passing traffic

Isobel and Dave climb down from the truck

The rangers walk around

A tiger gnaws the remains of something's leg

Tiger, tiger, burning bright

Lazy days: waving a tail in the air

A female lion licks her chops

A lion plays with a large stick, like a kitten

A lion, close up

A lion has a toothy yawn

There's another Qualcomm group on the truck

A monkey

Colubus monkeys on the roof of a Land Rover

A monkey perches on the Land Rover

A pair of Zebra, head to head

Back at the lodge

Milling around in the lodge

Four swan pedalos in a line

Isobel seems to have a bird on her head

A bright red/orange/yellow parakeet

Cute, colourful, parakeets all in a row

Isobel feeds the parakeets

A bright-red parakeet

The owl guy waits with an owl

The amazing eyes of a small owl

Someone has a go with the owl

Perfect parking on Ward Road