Phil's 40th and the South Coast Weekender, Hordle - 13th-14th July 2007

It's Phil's 40th and he's over from the US, so Nosher and Isobel head down for the second time in a month to meet up. The do is in Hordle village hall, but we're a bit late on account of crap traffic on the M25 (duh), M3 and A31: a 2.5hr journey turns in to 4hrs. Anyway, we make it in time. The next day, we hang out with the kids for a while, before heading off for a walk around the New Forest and a trip back to Barton-on-Sea beach (and this time it's not lashing down).

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Old school-chum Martin F makes an appearance, visiting from Holland

Jon 'the hair', Sean, Michelle and Isobel

Phil's mum, Bernice, in the kitchen

Phil's dad, Rob, sets a quiz

Deep ponderings in the quiz

Issy's glass is empty

Lol clears up some detritus

Milling around on the playing field

Inside, some dancing occurs

Phil's birthday cake

Phil scoffs some cake, and is caught in the act

More dancing

The conga line snakes its way outside for a bit

Sean dances about


Michelle, Bernice and Sean

Rowan scrambles about the lounge floor

Issy plays with the kids

Rowan laughs

Hauling up off the floor

Sydney holds the cat, Holly (who doesn't seem to mind too much)

Rowan and Sydney

Rowan does apose

Sydney with her favourite doll, and part of Rowan sneaks in to shot

Family portrait

In the New Forest at Setthorns - Isobel chats to a dog walker

A clump of bright red berries

Nosher ties his shoe-lace

We spot a fox (bottom-right, in the bushes)

Oak leaves

Shiny holly leaves

An interesting mushroom

A lost 'smiley' badge, discarded amongst a squirell's old nut stash

A nice tree

New Forest ponies

A pregnant mare

A Forest foal gets a drink

Down on 'Nosher's Groyne' on Barton-on-Sea beach: a fisherman casts out

Nice wide-angle shot of Barton beach, and the Isle of Wight

Interesting rocks on the beach

Isobel does a good 'fashion shot' pose

A couple on the beach

A black dog sits on the ridge and surveys the sea

Isobel looks askance

In Sean's back-garden: a barbeque

Holly successfully scrounges some chicken off Sean

Sydney hurls the cat around again

Phil pokes about on a laptop

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Old school-chum Martin F makes an appearance, visiting from Holland