Genesis Live at Parc Des Princes, Paris, France - 30th June 2007

It's the second chance (well, third counting the "virtual" Düsseldorf gig at the Vue cinema in Cambridge) to catch the legendary Genesis, live at the Parc Des Princes in Paris. There are maybe a couple more mistakes, and the odd technical gremlin in the sound system, but the band still sound fantastic and the crowd is massively more involved and lively than at Helsinki. This, more than anything, makes it an even better gig. There's obviously something about Paris: the superb "Seconds Out" was recorded in Paris in '76/'77, and even other bands like Muse seem to do better here. There's also the advantage that it gets dark enough for the light show at around 9pm (as opposed to never in Helsinki), so the other aspect of the band's famous stage show is better appreciated.

next album: Nosher in Paris, France - 30th June 2007
previous album: Cambridge Tornado, and Tim Leaves "The Lab" - 25-26th June 2007

Genesis kick off with Behind the Lines and Turn it on Again

Turn it On, Turn it On Again...

Mike Rutherford gets his signature twin-neck guitar out

Lighting rigs scoot up the 'arms', lit with flares

Classic Genesis smoke-n-lights

The band play a gorgeous live version of 'Ripples'

Phil Collins talks the crowd in French, surrounded by lights

More 'old school' action

Daryl Steurmer plays the 'Firth of Fifth' solo

One of the best tracks of all time: Afterglow

A million lights

For the encore: We Can't Dance

The band bow for the applause of 45,000 fans

The Parc Des Princes stadium empties

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Genesis kick off with Behind the Lines and Turn it on Again