June Miscellany with The BBs and Sam and Daisy, Burston - 24th June 2007

A random round-up of June photos, including James' birthday in Cambridge; a BBs gig in New Buckenham and Sam & Daisy play the Burston Crown in Norfolk: James has a birthday, so we go out for a beer in Cambridge (to The Eagle) and then on to James' favourite Greek restaurant across the street. Nosher is reasonably convinced that this was the place he actually came to some twenty years before whilst visiting his mate Phil, who was at Trinity College at the time - James has been coming for even longer and says that it hasn't changed a bit. Spooky. Then, the BBs play a gig at what must be the best village hall in the UK - New Buckenham in Norfolk, just north of Diss. The crowd are great, and the stage is excellent. Then in a kind of band-reciprocation, Nosher and Issy head over to the Burston Crown to see the ever-excellent Sam and Daisy play a marathon near-three-hour set.

next album: Cambridge Tornado, and Tim Leaves "The Lab" - 25-26th June 2007
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In Cambridge, on Davy Road, The Man™ can't quite work out what day to resurface the road on

The streelights of Ward Road in the dusk

In Nosher's office, it's 'bring your pet to work' day (well, for a few minutes)

In the beer garden of the Eagle pub

A wet pavemenent outside the Eraina restaurant, Cambridge

Janet and a nonplussed-looking James

A completely random choir session is happening back at The Eagle, regaling the crowd with tales of giant penises

James is on the phone

Moored punts on the Cam, near the Anchor and Mill pubs

The BBs set up at New Buckenham

Nosher's microphone

Henry gets ready

Henry in The George pub, New Buckenham

An odd owl bookend

the band head back to the venue

Daisy sings

Sam taps out rhythm on guitar

Rob 'The Desk' Huckfield

Rob and Wilma

Sam's feet

Amusing sign in the boys' bogs, Burston Crown

Rob, Wilma and Jo

A backlit Daisy concentrates

A bit of finger-pointing

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In Cambridge, on Davy Road, The Man™ can't quite work out what day to resurface the road on