The gatehouse at Thornham Hall

The gatehouse at Thornham Hall

The hogroast dude sets up

Rob and Max chat about the set up

The gardens of Thornham Hall

Lavender hedges

A curious clock tower

A photo of an office desk lamp

Sophie sleeps on a suitcase

Sophie's pink pads

Nosher's old Michell Transcriptor

The Michell's pickup in action

On Davy Road, The Man isn't quite sure when to resurface

The streelights of Ward Road in the dusk

At Taptu, it's 'bring your pet to work' day

Talisker, Jake's dog

In the beer garden of the Eagle pub

A wet pavemenent outside the Eraina restaurant, Cambridge

Outside Eraina Taverna

Janet scoops up some taramosolata

Janet and a nonplussed-looking James

At the Eagle, a pop-up choir sings about penises

The University choir

Isobel crosses Bene't Street

James is on the phone

We scope out No. 1 Kings Parade

We sit on the bridge near the Anchor pub

Crowds are on the bridge on a warm evening

Moored punts on the Cam, near the Anchor and Mill pubs