A derelict garage

A derelict garage

Inside the long derelict garage

A derelict 1930s house

Smashed Crittal windows

A broken gas meter

The derelict Salam newsagent on Perne Road

Junk in a garden

An old woman pushes a bike up Perne Road

Rubbish in a hedge

A couple of cyclists cross the road

More derelict housing

Round the back of the newsagent

A mangled bicycle

A view from the garage

Two-tone door

The row of shops on the Radegund Road roundabout

The Blackrock massive walk up Birdwood Road

Our democracy means you get to choose your war criminals

There's a massive pile of cans on Mill Road

A snogging graffiti embrace

The Mill Road cemetery

Noddy looks in a second hand shop

The gang in the Free Press, on Prospect Row

The bar of the Free Press pub

Isobel and Philly in the Free Press

Curious ventilation chimneys

Graffiti in the style of the South African flag

Graffiti on Parkside, near Parker's Piece

Isobel gives her chilli plant a shower

The sign on the old Dale's Brewery

We find a Fullotone gramophone in an antique shop

An HMV 78 record