An abandoned trolley on Coldham's Common

An abandoned trolley on Coldham's Common

Marc wanders around the Taptu office

The new Taptu office awaits on the Science Park

Michelle checks out the empty office

The new kitchen area

The building's reception area

Taptu's new home, under gaming company Jagex

The Taptu start-up gang in the current office

Stef runs a meeting

Steve Ives, Matt, Alastair and Jake

Bob Last does a presentation

Taipei Meal on Mill Road in Cambridge

The stage in the Apollo Room, Harleston

At the Apollo, Henry inspects the stage

Rob plugs stuff in

The Apollo Rooms

Henry's on the phone

Max does a bit of a Rodin 'The Thinker' pose

There's a bagpiper piping in the square

In the Harleston Swan, Rob inspects the menu

Jo's got a red wine

Four geezers in the Green Room

Jo sticks on a bit of lippy

Henry and Max

Rob has a bit of a twang

Henry warms up

The lads hang around

Rob makes some final adujstments to the stage

Long exposure captures the flow of the dancers

Demonstration ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing in the Apollo Rooms

The word 'Apollo' made up from red rope lights

Isobel, Hani and Nadine in Anne's flat

In Anne's new flat

Louise talks to Andrew

The Ipswich Co-Operative, from Tacket Street

The stark 1960s facia of Ipswich Woolworths

A Dutch-influenced building facia

The 1930s-style ex-Odeon Cinema in Ipswich

Venus in the sunset

The sun feebly breaks through the mist