The tip that is Nosher's office

The tip that is Nosher's office

There's a world map on the office wall

Paul in the church at Thrandeston

Isobel and The Boy Phil slurp mulled wine

The stage at the Park Hotel

Nosher pokes around

The BBs do a sound check

More sound checking

Rob invites members of the audience on stage

Flying over the Irish Sea

In the Breffni pub in Blackrock

Isobel and Jen

Rockford House on Stradbrook Road

Evelyn (seated) and Isobel by the fire

Oscar gets a treat

Betty chats to Evelyn

Noddy opens a present

Noddy inspects a plastic dashboard Jesus

Louise installs some irises by the window

Louise arranges flowers by the window

Jimmy stands by the fireplace

We head off to the sea

Heading over the park towards the sea

On graffiti vridge

Noddy and Phil cross Graffiti Bridge

Seven geese on Dublin bay

Evelyn prepares for the swim

Evelyn descends into the sea

Swimming in Dublin Bay on Christmas day

Noddy gets in too

Isobel passes a towel to a returning Noddy

Oscar mills around

On the seafront

Oscar peers over the railway wall

Louise comes prepared with the Jameson

Oscar sticks his nose in

Noddy gets dressed again

A eulogy is read out by Jimmy

Graffiti on the bridge

Isobel's Ma looks at DVDs

There's another round of presents

In the lounge

Isobel peels sprouts

More sprout action

Isobel peels potatoes down in the kitchen

Nosher does some kitchen stuff

It's starter time

Nosher stands by

Nosher and Isobel

It's turkey-carving time

Noddy lunges for a roast potato

Isobel's got something in a food processor

A Christmas pudding is tipped out

Louise prepares the Christmas pudding

The Christmas pudding is well and truly on fire

Noddy reaches out

Nosher's purple hat matches his purple hair

Jen Mac comes around

A game of Balderdash occurs

Games in the lounge

The 'Trotts Tractor' at Dublin Airport

Cattle load up

A lone figure and the temporary terminal at Dublin

A long exposure of the lights of Dublin City

Back at a foggy Stansted Airport