Christmas in Blackrock, Dublin - 25th December 2006

In a major contrast to the previous year (which consisted of staying in being miserable all day), Nosher heads off to cook Christmas dinner for Isobel's family in the Dublin suburb of Blackrock. Isobel had intended to be there a few days earlier, but her Ry-unfair flight had been cancelled at the last minute as the aircraft was elsewhere at the time (due to fog, allegedly) and so we both ended up outbound "togevver". At least the food that we ordered on-line from "Superquinn" was already there, and so it was straight in to preparing for the feast (which incidentally involved the historic introduction of Yorkshire Puddings to the table). During the morning there was also a visit to the nearby coast so that a couple of Isobel's siblings could partake in the annual Christmas swim, in memory of Maurice D, followed by a scattering of ashes on the grey, calm sea. Before all that, in Diss on the previous Friday, the BBs are playing at the Park Hotel. Nosher and Isobel sneak out after the sound check for a couple of hours to attend a Carol service at Thrandeston's church of St. Margaret of Antioch

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Isobel and The Boy Phil (left) slurp mulle wine in Thrandeston church

The BBs on stage at the Park Hotel

Rob invites members of the audience on stage to help out with backing vocals

Flying over the Irish Sea

In the 'Breffni' pub in Blackrock

Isobel and chum

Rockford House between Deansgrange and Blackrock, all lit up and festive

Evelyn (seated) and Isobel by the fire

Noddy curiously inspects a plastic dashboard Jesus on a spring

The plastic Jesus-on-a-spring is installed on Noddy's dashboard

Louise arranges flowers by the window

Heading over the park towards the sea

Noddy and Phil cross Graffiti Bridge over the DART railway line

Evelyn prepares for the swim

Seven Brent Geese paddle silently away

Ev descends into the sea

Swimming in Dublin Bay on Christmas day

Isobel passes a towel to a returning Noddy

Oscar peers over the wall to see what's occuring on the railway line

Louise helps out with doses of Irish coffee

Noddy pulls on his 'Santa' long-johns

A eulogy is read out by Maurice's brother-in-law

Graffiti on the bridge

It's pressie time in the front room

Isobel peels potatoes down in the kitchen

Nosher and Isobel

Nosher carves the turkey (which luckily turns out to be tasty and moist)

Noddy lunges for a roast potato

Louise prepares the Christmas pudding for its flambé-ing

The Christmas pudding is well and truly on fire

Nosher's purple hat matches his purple hair

A game of Balderdash occurs

Toilet humour: at Dublin airport, the lavatory tankers are called 'The Trotts Tractor'

A lone figure walks across the damp apron towards the temporary terminal at Dublin airport

A long exposure of the lights of Dublin City, shortly after take-off

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Isobel and The Boy Phil (left) slurp mulle wine in Thrandeston church