Bill M's Party, Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire - 9th December 2006

Bill M's parties are legendary for the amount of excellent home-cooked food available, but for years Nosher has always had something else on. However, finally, the fates are generous and it's finally possible to get along and sample some of the fondly-remembered (from days when he'd bring a load in to work) heaps of Indian nosh. It's also something of a 3G Lab reunion from way back, as several former colleagues who haven't been seen for a while make an appearance too.

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Bill attempts to set fire to Papworth by setting off a firework pack

Where all parties end up: in the kitchen. John S does his best to sleep standing up

Out in the conservatory awaits plenty of Bill-and-Mindy food

Former 3G Lab and Trigenix staffer Marc H makes an appearance

Tiina (not a typo - it's the Finnish spelling) and Steve

Janet and Isobel hover near the food in the kitchen

Bill takes an overhead shot...

...and then surreptitiously tests the chocolate fountain

Getting ready to stick marshmallows in to the chocolate fountain

A slightly blurry Isobel with a chocolatey stick of fruit

A table full of puddings

In the lounge, random games of SingStar take place

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Bill attempts to set fire to Papworth by setting off a firework pack