Rory Hill's "Tour in a Night", Norfolk and Suffolk - 17th November 2006

Rory Hill out of young indie-rock band Vanilla Kick does a "tour in a night" for Children in Need, visiting 10 pubs around Diss, and playing three or four songs in each. Nosher follows them around from the second venue (having missed the first due to crap weather and traffic), before bailing out before the last pub in Harleston.

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In the Cock Inn, on Fair Green in Diss

Craig grins over the collectio bucket

Rory gets intense

The entourage hang out in the almost-empty Redgrave Cross Keys

Rory plays to the crowds

Rory is a blur of action

In the Botesdale Greyhound

Rory's Vanilla Kick bandmate, Callum, does the collection in the Greyhound

A pensive moment in the Wortham Dolphin

Setting up in the Mellis Railway Tavern

In the Yaxley Cherry Tree, Sam Coe is just finishing her set as we arrive

Rory ties a shoe-lace

Playing in the lounge of the Scole Inn

In the pleasant surroundings of the Hoxne Swan

Craig and Callum share a laugh

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In the Cock Inn, on Fair Green in Diss