Apples, Birthday Misc and Diss' Remembrance Day - 11th November 2006

Another miscellaneous round-up: Nosher's apple harvest (the product of which was turned in to 59 bottles of juice); Isobel's birthday in the Kingston Arms in Cambridge; a few scene of Cambridge (and a small plate of chillies); some sunsets and fireworks; on Saturday in Diss, a clueless Nosher wanders around and finally twigs that "something is going down" shortly before it's 11am. Literally the whole town stops and falls utterly silent, preceded by the Last Post, nicely played by Richard out of the Salvation Army band, and a proclamation from the town crier, and followed, after the two-minute silence, by the reveille and the proclamation "Diss Town: carry on!"

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A box of Jona Gold apples from Nosher's own orchard ready to be taken for pressing

In the Kingston Arms, James and Emma chat

Emma and a pot of coffee

An empty Kingston Arms

On cycling to work: crossing the River Cam near the Green Dragon, an old boat and boathouse

A plate of chilies off Isobel's tree

Guitar in a Cambridge flat

Life through the diffraction grating of a venetian blind

Sunset over the village of Wetherden, Suffolk

A solitary oak tree and sunset near Haughley Green, Suffolk

A back-garden firework explodes in the reddening sky

more amateur fireworks

The sunset gives way to light pollution from Roy Humphries' site

In Diss, the Royal British Legion flag is prepared

There was a smile shortly after this photo. Honest.

On Diss' Market Place, the crowds assemble under the grey skies

Richard from the Sally Army plays the Last Post, inaugurating the two-minute silence

The bish of Diss gives a reading

Another view of the crowds in the Market Place, Diss

The Mayor of Diss

A veteran with a lot of medals and a kid with a lot of badges on his head

Later, by the Mere, an old couple are mobbed by a flock of seagulls for the bread they carry

Out of Nosher's office window on the Science Park in Cambridge, an autumnal tree is nicely lit by the setting sun

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A box of Jona Gold apples from Nosher's own orchard ready to be taken for pressing