Corofin and Blackrock (Dublin) Mornings, Westcoast / Eastcoast Ireland - 29th October 2006

It's the morning after the day after Caroline and Chris' wedding, and Nosher and Isobel are staying at the Heather and Shamrock B&B just outside Corofin in County Clare, Ireland. So, it's time for breakfast and then a wander around the soggy village before headig off on the long drive to Dublin - but not before a quick detour to search for the house used in the external scenes of none-other than Father Ted. This house, which is in the middle of nowhere, happens to be (vaguely) in the nearby village of Killnaboy, and so has to be found. And so it was as after nearly giving up we rounded a corner to spot the house in the drizzle. Once done, we drop off Gary and Vanessa in Limerick and finally get to Dublin after several hours' more drive. The following day starts with one of those rare moments when you wake up and genuinely have forgotten about the whole clocks-going-back thing for a while, so armed with a whole newly-discovered extra hour, decide to have a spot of breakfast at the Java Cafe in Blackrock, before Nosher heads back to Dublin airport for the flight back home...

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Eating brekkie in the Shamrock and Heather B&B in Corofin

The bright-orange Bofey Quinn's in Corofin, scene of the previous night's musical (and Guinness) event

Isobel shelters from the inclement weather

Wandering back up the rain-sodden streets of Corofin

We pop in to see Caroline and Chris, and eat some more of the cake

Father Ted's House!! (which isn't really on Craggy Island)

A seagull (the dot in the middle) flies across Dublin Bay

Mudlfats and the calm waters of Dublin Bay

The two chimneys of whatever-it-is across the bay from Blackrock

Some sort of wading sea-bird waddles past

Isobel walks along the beach

Cockles and Mussels, alive alive-o

Rippled mud flats, exposed by the retreated tide

On Blackrock's sea defences - a life belt and some graffiti

A bunch of wheelie bins face off to a 'no bins' sign

Isobel looks glum in the Café Java in Blackrock... pulls a comedy face...

...before cheering up a bit

Isobel and Oscar the dog walk back through the park to the house

On the way to the airport, passage is delayed by the raised bridge letting a tall ship through

Dublin Bay from the air

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Eating brekkie in the Shamrock and Heather B&B in Corofin